EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rita Ora Shares Her 12 Songs For Everything from Making Out to Working Out

Plus, she dishes on when we can expect her new album

Rita Ora is celebrating another smash hit with the release of her latest single, "Your Song." The summer anthem was actually co-written with Ed Sheeran. Rita dished that you can actually hear Ed singing "I'm in love" on the track.

So we were wondering, what are Rita's songs? In fact, we asked the 26-year-old star to tell us about her favorite tracks in 12 categories. She tells us about everything from her country song to the song she sings in the shower in our EXCLUSIVE video below: 

Hey, we even managed to stump Rita a little bit when it came to karaoke experiences. 

Ora also told us that we can expect her new album to be released in November. The album's first single, "Your Song", is available now