LISTEN: Selena Gomez Releases “Back To You”

The track appears on the soundtrack for season two of ’13 Reasons Why’

Selena Gomez is back, and better than ever. The 25-year-old star released her first new single in nearly six months on Thursday (May 10).

The track appears on the soundtrack for the second season of 13 Reasons Why. Selena is an executive producer of the popular Netflix series. Season two premieres next week (May 18).

"We never got it right / Playing and replaying old conversations / Overthinking every word and I hate it / 'Cause it's not me,” Gomez sings.

Fans have speculated that the track may be about Justin Bieber? Is it? Well...

Selena and Justin rekindled their romance in late 2017, but they appeared to have called things off again in March.

Justin and Selena were having a lot of disagreements, and one of those disagreements blew up so they “broke up,” according to a report from People.

“And what’s the point in hiding / And everybody knows we got unfinished business / And I regret if I didn’t say this isn’t what it could be (isn’t what it could be),” she sings.

Of course, that could be about Bieber. After all, People reported that Bieber and Gomez have remained in constant contact. Their feelings for “each other have not changed.”