This Job Will Pay You $1,000 a Month to Drink Coffee

The job has major perks, but it comes with a catch.
Photo credit RomoloTavani

(100.3 JACK) - For those that drink coffee every morning, it’s a habit that can end up costing a lot of money. However, now there’s a company that’s willing to pay a coffee addict $1,000 a month to drink whatever style of coffee they’d like in the mornings. The only catch is that the coffee can’t come from Starbucks or any other major coffee brand.

In a move to support small business ventures, is offering a new job to coffee lovers looking to try new coffee shops. According to the job description, the company states, “Are you a self-professed Starbucks junkie? We want to pay you $1,000 to ditch corporate coffee joints for a full month and frequent locally owned coffee shops instead.”

The company says they are looking for a “Starbucks junkie” to help figure out the cost and benefits of changing to a local coffee shop.

Plenty of coffee lovers have already applied for the new job, but there are still other responsibilities besides drinking coffee every morning. Those hired must visit at least eight locally owned coffee shops in a month, and write up summaries of the experience. Applications are being accepted through September 30th.

Via Fox News