8-Year-Old Raises Over $38,000 to Buy Bulletproof Vests to Protect K-9’s


By Kayla Jardine

8-year-old Brady Snakovsky wasn’t sure exactly what he could do to help, he just knew he needed to.

The 3rd grader and aspiring police officer noticed that not all K9’s were able to wear bulletproof vests.

That’s when his mom gave him the idea to start a GoFundMe, and since then, Brady’s raised over $38,000 for the dogs.  

He even got to meet the Ohio State Troopers and some of the K9's, who now wear their ballistic vests that Brady helped purchase every day.

While you may see him playing dress-up in his backyard or driving around his mini police cruiser, Brady can also be found helping save animals lives every day.