6 Tips to Manage Allergies Naturally

Like, houseplants... who knew?
Photo credit Olgavolodina | Dreamstime.com

The best part about spring is probably also the worst part for so many of us. We're talking about all those blooming trees and flowers, of course.  

While we all love the beauty that blossoms each and every spring, there are millions of Americans who struggle to love the beauty of the season because of seasonal allergies. But fear not, we have a pretty fantastic list to help you manage allergies naturally.

1. Follow the forecast

Not just to decide if you can get away with shorts or if you can leave the umbrella home, follow your local pollen forecast. Most weather services will even tell you when the best time to avoid being outside is based on pollen. Also, a general rule to remember is that pollen is always at its lowest right after rain.

2. Clean your house

Not only is spring cleaning a good idea to give your home a fresh start to the season, if also helps eliminate the allergens trapped in your house all winter.

3. Change your diet

A number of allergies can be affected by what you eat. For instance, melon, banana, cucumber can all make your symptoms worse.

4. Invest in a Neti Pot   

While running salt water through your nasal cavities sounds gross, it actually helps rinse out a lot fo the allergens that can get stuck in your nose. In terms of cheap way to manage allergies, buying a neti pot might be the most cost-effective.

5. Get tested

A doctor can run a number of tests to determine what exact allergens affect you the worse. Those results can go a long way in your ability to avoid allergens that get you the worst.

6. Buy houseplants

Here's our favorite tip: buy some houseplants. Plants actually do a really good job of removing pollutants from inside your home. Plus, they also make your house look nicer.