Can You Guess the Most Popular Cocktail in Your State?

And who is seriously still drinking a Tom Collins?
By , Audacy

As anyone who likes to sip on something a little more daring than a beer or wine every now and then can tell you, one of the most difficult decisions to make at the bar or at a cocktail party (if those are still a thing) is selecting your go-to adult beverage.

I mean, we've all been there. Sometimes it's based on what your friends are having. Sometimes it's what you remember Dad mixing up for himself after work. No matter how you come to the decision though, it is certainly a difficult one to make. The good news is that most of us do find that delicious nectar of the gods after years of wading through the rum and Cokes and vodka and Red Bulls of the world.

If you're currently seeking the comfort of that one drink hitting your taste buds and reminding you that there is a bright, bold, beautiful world just beyond the hops and grapes that we all love so much, fear not! Because of all the options out there, and there are thousands (if not millions, really), the fine folks at Versus Reviews have complied a year's worth of data to come up with a punch-drunk list of the single most popular mixed drink in each and every one of the 50 states. Check out the graphic below.    


Top Cocktails by State

Now here's what we find intoxicatingly interesting -- an awful lot of you people appear to be drinking before noon! Well, we actually can't corroborate that. We can, however, safely assume that most people aren't tipping back a mimosa or a bloody mary on a Saturday night (lookin' at you, California and Georgia). Ironically, neither the Long Island iced tea nor the Manhattan is the most popular drink in New York. Unsurprisingly, the mai tai appears to be Hawaii's drink of choice.

So which drinks come out on top across the country? Check out the below graphic.

Top Cocktails by Count of State

So now that we've digested all of this and find ourselves with a little bit of a data hangover, we want to know what you're drinking. Pretend you just bellied up to the bar and vote below for the cocktail you would pick.