Donald Glover Debuts New Childish Gambino song ‘This Is America’

The actor-slash-musician pulled double duty on SNL

Multi-talented actor-slash-singer Donald Glover pulled double duty on last night's SNL, both hosting and performing -- including the debut of a brand new Childish Gambino song.

Glover debuted "This Is America," a powerful commentary on gun violence in America. Watch the official video below, which dropped just after Glover debuted it on SNL, but be warned: *it involves some violent, disturbing scenes.*

The song is Glover/Gambino's first since "Terrified" off 2016's GRAMMY-nominated "Awaken, My Love!" album. His other performance last night was, appropriately, “Saturday” -- another new one. 

Meanwhile, Glover also introduced the world to his rebooted Lando Calrissian character from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story film hitting theaters May 25.