Listen to Ice Nine Kills Shred ‘Jaws’ Theme Song in Film-Inspired Track

How many 'Jaws' references can you hear?
Photo credit Tiana Timmberberg /
By , Audacy

Alright, horror fans! This one is for you: How do you make the Jaws theme song even more terrifying? Well, you do it super loud, a little bit faster, and on an electric guitar.

Boston metalcore band Ice Nine Kills recently released a track from their latest album, The Silver Scream, called "Rocking the Boat." The song is inspired by the iconic 1975 thriller Jaws. In fact, every track on the album is inspired by a horror film (check out the tracklisting/inspiration list below the video).

So besides the DOOOO DO. DOOOO DO. DOOOO DO about 3:00 in, see how many other references to the movie you catch. Take a listen:

The Silver Scream was released last month and features 13 horror-movie-inspired songs. See the tracklisting and which iconic film inspired it below:

  • "The American Nightmare"  --  Inspired by: A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • "Thank God It's Friday"  --  Inspired by: Friday the 13th
  • Stabbing in the Dark"  --  Inspired by: Halloween
  • "SAVAGES"  --  Inspired by: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • "The Jig Is Up" (featuring Randy Strohmeyer) --  Inspired by Saw
  • "A Grave Mistake"  --  Inspired by: The Crow
  • "Rocking the Boat" (featuring Jeremy Schwartz)  --   Inspired by: Jaws
  • "Enjoy Your Slay" (featuring Sam Kubrick)  --  Inspired by: The Shining
  • "Freak Flag"  --  Inspired by: The Devil's Rejects
  • "The World in My Hands" (featuring Tony Lovato)  --  Edward Scissorhands
  • "Merry Axe-mas"  --  Inspired by: Silent Night, Deadly Night
  • "Love Bites" (featuring Chelsea Talmadge)  --  Inspired by: An American Werewolf in London
  • "IT Is the End" (featuring "JR" Wasilewski, Buddy Schaub and Will Salazar)  --  Inspired by: It