Mike Shinoda Releases Three Powerful NEW Tracks

Linkin Park's frontman dubs the EP 'Post Traumatic'
Photo credit Mairo Cinquetti/Pacific Press/SIPA USA

The tragic loss of Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington back in July shook music fans across the globe to their core. It also put the future of Linkin Park, and the life's work of the band members, in a dizzying state of uncertainty.

Shortly after Bennington's death, LP gathered friends and loved ones for a memorial show in L.A., the first time they shared a stage since tragedy struck. Today, Mike Shinoda released a powerful three-track EP, appropriately titled Post Traumatic, that emotionally walks through that night, and just about every night since Bennington's passing. Each track came with its own video as well, all produced by Shinoda himself.

The first track, "Place to Start," is a mounting, melodic flow revealing Mike coming to terms with how to proceed. The song also features a handful of voicemail messages from friends and family who clearly just wanted to "check in"  

The second track, titled "Over Again," picks up on the frustration of coping with loss. Lyrics detail Mike and the rest of the band's mindset leading up to October's memorial show. 

The final track, "Watching As I Fall," the hardest and perhaps most powerful, seems to deal with Mike figuring out how to move on. It ends with Mike, in December, speaking directly to fans about life after Chester. 

All in all, the EP is incredibly powerful. Hopefully, it'll provide a bit of closure for LP fans.

After dropping the tracks, Shinoda held a Twitter Q&A where he addressed the future of the band, noting he and the band intend to continue on with Linkin Park.