SCREENSHOTS: Will Smith, DJ Khaled Take Us Behind the Scenes of 'Bad Boys 3'

Plus, Smith spilled the tea on Khaled's character in the movie
Photo credit SIPA USA / USA Today / Getty Images

Nearly two decades after the original films were Hollywood gold, Bad Boys 3 is getting a lot of buzz of late.

Not only are fans pumped for the return of detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery, played by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith respectively, but just about everyone wanted to know what role DJ Khaled would have in the new movie. Turns out, thanks to a behind-the-scenes video uploaded by Smith, we know now that Khaled will play Manny the Butcher. We don't really know much more, but it's safe to say that anyone nicknamed the Butcher probably isn't selling really steaks down at the corner shop. 

Either way, it's pretty fantastic to see that Bad Boys 3 is getting closer and closer to the big screen by the day. The movie is slated for release in January 2020.