Watch the Terrifying Trailer for Jordan Peele’s New Horror Film ‘Us’

The Academy Award winner is becoming a master of thrillers
By , Audacy

Academy Award winner Jordan Peele is quietly building a legacy not unlike the one built by Stephen King in the 1990s.

King made his name as the master of suspense both in his books and in the many movies they would spawn. As for Peele, he's already solidified his place in film history with 2017's blockbuster Get Out, and now the reigning master of the thriller is getting ready to unleash his follow-up, Us. Check out the terrifying trailer above. 


The new flick stars Black Panther’s Lupita Nyong’o and Winston DukeThe Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth MossAnt-Man And The Wasp’s Tim Heidecker and more.