5 Things In Music We Never Figured Out: Drake ‘In My Feelings,’ Michael Jackson ‘Smooth Criminal,’ and more

Including Drake, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and more
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We've known that Bruno Mars and Cardi B are drippin' in finesse, you can't touch MC Hammer (or his pants), Michael Jackson does not love Billie Jean, Rihanna and Calvin Harris found love in a hopeless place, and even that every last homie is down with O.P.P.!

But still, there are multiple unsolved mysteries that remain in the music industry today.

Here are our top 5 things in music that we've never figured out:

5. What were Chris Brown's questions?

And, did he get an answer?


4. Did anyone ever call Carly Rae Jepsen?

The video has over 1 billion views on YouTube. I'd hope at least one of them called.


3. Is Annie OK?

SOLVED: "Annie are you OK" actually comes from when Michael Jackson took CPR classes. During those classes, you have to ask if the person you're reviving is "OK" and the rescue doll is named Rescue Annie.


2. Did anyone ever meet Maren Morris and Zedd in the middle?

Or are they still waiting there?


1. Does Ki-Ki love Drake?

Is she ridin'?


***BONUS: Who let the dogs out?

If you can figure out who let 'em out, you win the entire decade.

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