Drake Responsible For 5% Of Toronto’s Tourism Economy

A market insights expert says Drizzy is to thank for $440 million of the city's $8.8 billion tourism industry
Robert DeLong; Sound House, Sept. 22, 2018
Photo credit Key Lime Photo

Did you know Drake is more searched than the actual city of Toronto? Now you do.

After releasing his double-sided and record-breaking Scorpion album just days ago, Drake's being called "a walking economic stimulus package" that's helped boost Toronto's economy by $440 million.

The growth is being dubbed "The Drake Effect" by the marketing insight expert Gordon Hendren who discovered the fact. It seems like everywhere Drizzy goes in the city fans want to then visit and spend money. 

Catch the full story on Drake the "walking stimulus package" here and listen to his "I'm Upset" release off of Scorpion below: