Mid-Air Mishap: Taylor Swift Stuck During Live Performance

Swift began singing A Capella while her stage crew readied another basket
Cold War Kids; Sound House, Sept. 22, 2018
Photo credit Key Lime Photo

Swifties in Philly got a special surprise during her performance on Saturday evening. Could Taylor Swift be any cuter? 

In the middle of singing her hit song "Delicate" to an audience of tens of thousands of people during her Reputation Tour Philly stop, Taylor Swift became stuck, perched mid-air, in a floating basket. She took notice and even said "I'm pretty sure I'm stuck up here" midway through the song following up with "it's a nice view, though."

The glowing apparatus was supposed to be transporting Swift from one stage in the stadium to another, however, the basket seemed to have other plans.

The stage crew lowered the glowing ball back to the original stage where Swift, who in true performer fashion kept incredibly cool, calm, and collected, began taking the stadium's crowd step by step through what was happening and even sang two unrehearsed songs. 1) A total acapella of her 2007 hit, "Our Song," and 2) "Wildest Dreams" from 2014 as she got in a backup basket to the next stage.

Watch what happened below: