Offset Actually Thought Cardi Was Holding Kulture At The VMAs

The MTV VMAs opening act certainly surprised more than just the crowd!

Cardi B opened up the MTV Video Music Awards last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City with a somewhat surprising prank.

The prank was enough to get her hubby, Offset, going. He thought she had actually brought their newborn child, Kulture, on stage with her.

Thankfully, Cardi did not and rather had a VMA Moonman award wrapped up in her arms. This does mark the first public event the "I Like It" rapper has attended since giving birth to Kulture on July 10.

Cardi B did in fact "come through drippin'." She pulled out with the VMAs for Song of the Summer thanks to “I Like It”, Best Collaboration thanks to “Dinero” featuring J.Lo and DJ Khaled, and even scored one of the biggest awards of the night, Best New Artist.

Congratulations, Cardi! We can't imagine why you would be trending either...