Physics-oki 101: What Would A Steve Aoki & Elon Musk Collab Sound Like?

The EDM producer says he wants to work with the Tesla genius
Photo credit © Press Association / Florida Today-USA TODAY NETWORK

In an interview, Steve Aoki says he wants to collab with Elon Musk.

So, we thought about it, and... what would their collab sound like? Or, better yet, WHAT could they possibly collab ON?

Welcome to Physics-oki 101.

Let's begin. (Don't forget to take notes!)

Topic 1 - Possibilities: What could they create?

When putting the minds of a musical genius together with that of a literal quantum-physicist, the possibilities seem utterly endless. However, we were able to narrow the options down to a handful few.

  1. Outer space Cakes
  2. Tesla sound systems
  3. EDM Flame-throwers
  4. Bass-powered cars
  5. A way to make EDM and dance music transcend the universe (unlikely, but possible)

Topic 2 - Acoustics: What would the collab sound like?

  1. The Universe
  2. Numbers and equations
  3. Nothing (Teslas don't emit sound)
  4. The best thing your ears have ever heard (very likely)
  5. Something boring (pun and unlikely, but possible)

Obviously, nothing is set in stone yet, and Aoki just suggested the idea and put his interest of working with Musk into the Universe. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, what do you think they'll create? And, what will it sound like?