Dictionary.com Announces Its 2018 Word of the Year

The word has been used since the late 1500s..
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Dictionary.com has revealed misinformation as their 2018 Word Of The Year. 

"Our #WordOfTheYear2018 isn't just any word. It's a call to action. We'll be sharing the tools to fight #misinformation all day today," Dictionary.com shared to Twitter.

According to Dictionary.com, misinformation means "false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead."

Dictionary.com points out that while people spread misinformation, they tend to believe the information they are sharing. The website also says they will continue to update related terms such as disinformation, echo chamber, confirmation bias, among others to help the "evolving understanding of misinformation."

In addition, the site listed this year's runners-up and those words include representation, self-made, and backlash. These words are traced through the site's trending lookup data.

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