Monsta X Bring Monbebe the Ultimate Dance Challenge

The K-Pop group show off their signature "Shoot Out" move..

Are you ready to dance with Monsta X?

We have provided MONBEBE with the ultimate dance challenge. The K-Pop stars are showing off everything from their signature choreography featured in the "Shoot Out" video including the famous "shake" and more. 

ShownuWonhoMinhyukKihyunHyungwonJooheon, and I.M are leaving it all on our stage for their fans so it's time to "look alive." In our exclusive performance clip above, Monsta X even deliver the steps of the "dougie" as well as this year's viral internet sensation of the "floss" dance.

Do you think you have what it takes to do the Monsta X dance challenge? "Love's like a shoot-out" so you never know which member you'll see pull out all the stops for Monbebe. 

While Monsta X aren't leaving the spotlight here in the United States any time soon, we think it's best you get your "stan language" dictionary from the group below. The South Korean group is now explaining the key phrases all for Monbebe.