Woman Who Destroyed Target Face Mask Display Says Husband Filed for Divorce

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A woman who posted a video of herself destroying a face mask display at a Target in Arizona is opening up about her regrets.

Melissa Rein Lively told USA Today that following the viral rant, she lost all the clients in her PR firm and her husband filed for divorce. She was also admitted for a week-long stay at a mental health facility.

"I think mental illness has been really something that has not been addressed as a result of this pandemic," she said.

"Because what happened to me was scary and it changed my life forever. I felt I had absolutely no control over my actions,” she said, noting that a "manic bipolar episode" brought on by stress contributed to her downward spiral.

The expletive-filled rant didn’t end at the store. Upon returning home, her husband called the police, which prompted Rein to capture the ordeal on Instagram Live.

Instead of getting arrested, she was taken for a psychiatric evaluation following comments that she worked for President Trump and was a spokesperson for QAnon.

"I can absolutely see that how I acted was unbelievably inappropriate, not to mention classless, and just completely out of character for how I conduct myself, professionally and personally," she told the outlet.

In the video, which went viral after it was shared by Twitter user @RexChapman [Warning: video contains profanity], Rein Lively offered to buy all the masks at the store and claimed she was getting called out because she is a blonde, white woman that's wearing a $40,000 Rolex.

Rein Lively says that in addition to working on her mental health, she wants to rebuild her professional reputation.

"It's going to take a long time for me to rebuild the trust from people, you know as I get my life and career back on track," she said. "I love what I do and am passionate about what I do and I'm going to fight this."

She's sharing her story in hopes of helping others who are struggling and feel like "they are not alone in fighting mental illness."

Her husband, Jared Lively, told Arizona Republic he called the police because he was afraid that her behavior was an escalation of a “days-long decline” in her mental health, which manifested itself earlier in the year.

“There’s a lot of people that have a manic episode like this. They just don’t film it,” he said, explaining that he has also received death threats along with his wife.

Reid Lively says she now wears face masks when out in public.

"I certainly want to respect others in the community and follow whatever mandates," she explained.

"I understand you know that masks are necessary for business to continue to operate which for me was obviously you know, my biggest frustration all this."

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