Camila Cabello Jokes Shawn Mendes Would Break Up with Her For Wearing This Shirt

See the gift we gave her at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have quickly become 2019’s cutest couple.

The pop power pair began fueling rumors with their steamy duet, “Señorita,” in June and by July, they confirmed those dating rumors with some adorable PDA.

When Cabello stopped by the #DunkinLounge at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash in Chicago this weekend, she received a few holiday presents from the on-air staff. The holiday season is all about giving, after all. One of the gifts was a tube of Aquaphor to help heal her recent tattoo. It’s supposed to say “it’s a mystery,” but Camila admitted all it says is “mystery” because she hasn’t been taking care of it properly.

The other gift was a t-shirt that officially welcomed Cabello into the #MendesArmy. Cabello unwrapped the tee that read “Mendes is my Bae,” and agreed that “it’s a true statement.”

“It would actually be so hilarious, I hope he doesn’t see this, if the next time I saw him I wore this, it would be the funniest joke in the entire world,” she said giddily. “I just don’t know how he would react. He would literally be like ‘who is this girl?’”

When the interview suggested it would be even funnier to wear it and say absolutely nothing, Cabello added that Mendes’ reaction would probably be, “what the hell?”

“He’d break up with me,” Cabello joked.

If you see Cabello rocking her “Mendes is my Bae” shirt at the airport, just know that she’s trolling him in the best possible way. But also, where can we snag our t-shirt?

On Friday Camila Cabello released her sophomore album Romance, and she's excited to scroll through all the fan feedback. “I just have a day off tomorrow in Chicago and I’m just going to literally read all the tweets,” she said. “It’s so much fun to be able to soak up their reactions.”

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“I just grew with the album,” she explained backstage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash. “In the beginning, 'Romance' was just fully about being in love and the beginning stages of being in love, and as I was experiencing more, I was in my first serious relationship and, you know, things happen and things change, and I just saw all the kind of different sides to love and what it feels like when things get complicated."

“I think it just got complicated, but that’s love, also. So, I think 'Romance' and the idea of romance just got a little messy,” she revealed.

Cabello released a few singles off of Romance in advance, including her smash hit “Señorita” with bae Shawn Mendes, which currently sits at #7 on the Billboard Top 100. On stage Cabello also performed the Latin-tinged “Liar,” and “Living Proof.”

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