Katy Perry Talks 'Smart Gadgets' and Charlie Puth Renting Her House

The singer headlined the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash on Saturday

Before headlining the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash in Chicago, Katy Perry got cozy backstage with B96 and answered fellow artist Charlie Puth’s pressing hot tub question. 

To understand the origin of this question, we have to go back to November when Puth stopped by the B96 studios and revealed that Perry, a longtime friend and collaborator on “Small Talk,” came to his rescue while his house is getting renovated. One of his pressing questions: how do you turn on the jacuzzi?

Well, Katy Perry didn’t have much of an answer for him because she doesn’t know either. Turns out, Puth is renting a house that belongs to her fiancé, Orlando Bloom.

“My fiancé has a house in town that he doesn’t use cause we live together,” she began, adding that she felt the home would be perfect for Puth’s short-term stay. 

While she didn’t know how to turn on the jacuzzi, she did call out Puth for not texting her the question instead. 

“You could have texted me months ago,” she said directly into the camera. “You have my number, you have texted me for less,” she added. 

Katy then spiraled into a whole segment about how 2019 is “too smart” for its own good, naming off smartphones, smart houses, smart cars, and other smart stuff that she says “don’t make her feel very smart.”

“I will say, in the early 2000s, and not to sound old, but it was simple. You had one remote, you turned on the television, you flipped up, you flipped down, volume up, volume down, I don’t even know how to control my temperature,” she quipped. 

Going into 2020, Katy seems to be wanting to go back to simpler times. Maybe Orlando will get her a flip phone for Christmas? Or maybe the Razr? We heard they're bringing it back.

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