Lewis Capaldi Has A Message for the Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, and Others Covering His Songs

He even recorded a PSA

Lewis Capaldi has a few, well, more than a few choice words for artists covering or planning to cover his hit single "Someone You Loved."

First, he wants to express his gratitude and say "thank you."

But he also has one stipulation. Don't outsing him.

"When people like that cover your song it's incredible. You're like 'oh my god' this is the best day ever. You go on the YouTube and you look at it and then you go, whoa. They start singing it and you're like this is really good, and then they start singing it really good and you're like okay, slow down here. What do you think you're trying to do here?," he said, talking about the amazing versions of "Someone You Loved" from the Jonas Brothers and Camila Cabello.

"Slow down Camila, I'm trying to be a singer here," he hilariously adds. "Now people are going to listen to that song and say 'it's alright, but it never did this," as he intimidates Cabello's vocal run.

This pressing problem prompted him to record a PSA to anyone who thinks of covering his song. "Don't sing it too well," he says looking straight into the camera. "Because you're making me look bad. I'm trying to be a new kid on the block. I'm only 22 despite the fact that I look 47, and I need you to just cut me some slack."

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Lewis Capaldi wraps up his US tour this weekend, and returns to Europe for a set of shows starting on the 22nd. You can find the full list of upcoming dates here.

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