NCT 127 Reveals They Are Inspired by Superhero Movies

Putting their best chest forward

2019 has been a wild year for the “superhuman” K Pop group NCT 127, and they’re ending it on a high note in a city that feels like home, Chicago. One of the members, Johhny, grew up in the Windy City and revealed that whenever the group plays shows in town, they all stay at his parent’s house.

But backstage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash on Saturday night, we wanted to find out what inspires the group aside from music. They revealed that they gain inspiration from movies, mainly superhero films, and their fans.

For their video “Superhuman,” they shared that they drew inspiration from the classic film “Superman.” It was one motion in particular – Clark Kent ripping his shirt open to reveal the giant ‘S’ – that inspired a dance move.

“If you see in the dance, we were actually inspired by Clark’s movement when he transforms into Superman. We actually used that as our motive to put that in the dance. And if you see our performance, we end with that pose,” the band revealed mimicking the chest-baring motion. 

With a new decade approaching, the members, who have exploded on the American market, revealed what they’re most proud of as a group. 

“Energy and synergy,” they said with Johnny adding that “it doesn’t come right away.”

“Not all of our members are here right now, but when we are all together, the synergy that comes out really gives off a lot of energy when we perform,” he said.

Bringing it back full-circle, they added, “like Avengers.”

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NCT 127 may draw inspiration from superheroes, but to their fandom, they are superheroes. You can find more of our coverage of the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash here.

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