SCREENSHOTS: Is 'White Chicks 2' a Possibility? Marlon Wayans Weighs In

"There's a deep well to pull from."

(104.3 JAMS) - Marlon Wayans has made us laugh in a variety of roles, most recently playing SIX characters in his flick Sextuplets, but no role is more iconic than Kevin Copeland in 'White Chicks 2.'

Everyone loves 'White Chicks' so much, we're already ready for 'White Chicks 2.' 

When Wayans stopped by the BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage, Ed Lover got down to the knitty gritty and asked him the tough question: is it a possibility?

"That's the one movie I would, for sure, do a sequel to 'White Chicks,'" Wayan said.

But there is a catch. He wouldn't do it for free. 

"Its on the studios to go, 'hey, it's going to cost money,'" he said adding, "It's a movie that you need a budget because we have to make it bigger and better than the next one."

Another caveat? "If it's not going to be bigger and better than the first one then don't do it. Don't touch gold," he explained. 

However, Wayans agreed that there's a lot happening in our current landscape that would provide juicy material for a sequel. 

"Given pop culture, given what's going on politically, given what's going on with all the race relations, there's such a deep well in terms of what we can pull from for 'White Chicks 2.' Oh, we'd crush that movie."

Fingers crossed the Wayans brothers grace us with a sequel.