Make Your Halloween a Sustainable One

Putting some green in Halloween

We all know  Halloween is chock full of black and orange, but what about adding a little green to the mix?  Every day we have a chance to do 1THING to make our footprint a little lighter, even on holidays like Halloween, which is actually a perfect opportunity to make a spooky day not so scary for the environment.

The number one source of waste on Halloween? Small, bite-sized plastic candy wrappers. Let's face it --they're hard to avoid. One simple change is to purchase candy that is packaged in cardboard instead of those pesky non-compostable and non-recyclable plastic wrappers. There are a few listed here. Otherwise, if you know your neighborhood well, have a baking day with your kids and give out yummy baked goods. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, try to serve in reusable serving dishes and containers. There are so many alternatives to putting out a bowl of individually wrapped chocolates.

Halloween costumes can also become a large source of waste. Homemade costumes  are usually more unique anyway, and typically are better for the environment. Many costumes available at your local Target or Walmart are mass-produced, poly blends that only get used once a year then unfortunately end up in the trash. If your child is insisting on a certain costume they love, try your local thrift shop, and consider donating your costumes after the holiday to a local community theater or school. This article even suggests a costume swap with other kids in the neighborhood.

Don’t drive, walk! No need to drive the car if you’re only walking a couple blocks. If you do need to drive, Halloween is a great opportunity to grab a few neighbor kids and carpool around the neighborhood. Halloween is always more fun with friends and family.

Have a safe, spooky and fun Halloween! And remember to make Halloween and every day a sustainable one.