Former Atlanta Officer Charged in Death of Rayshard Brooks Granted Bond

By , News-Talk 1380 WAOK

The former Atlanta police officer charged with murder in the death of Rayshard Brooks is being granted a half million dollar bond.

Brooks was the young and black father of 4 who was shot twice in the back outside an Atlanta Wendy’s on June 12th.

Attorneys for Rolfe argued that their client should be free and that character letters tied him to the community. Attorney Noah Pines told the court, in referring to Rolfe, “He was born here, he was raised here, he went to school here.” Pines also said that “if Rolfe is not granted bond, no one should ever be granted bond”, adding that the prosecution’s “case at best is that in a split of a second Garrett Rolfe made the wrong decision.”

The prosecution, led by Clint Rucker, countered, saying that Rolfe had already proven that he’s a danger to the community.

Judge Jane Barwick also heard from the wife of Rayshard Brooks, Tomika Miller, who broke down and cried in an effort to convince the court to not grant bond to the man who shot her husband twice in the back.

Miller said that her husband had a bright smile, and loving heart, and that while he wasn’t perfect he did not deserve to die. Miller added that Rolfe has already shown that he’s a danger to the community. She said that already she can not sleep at night and couldn’t imagine how her mental state would be if Rolfe was released from custody.

In the end, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Barwick ruled Rolfe has sufficient ties to the community and is not a danger to the community and that he is of no risk of intimidating witness

Garrett Rolfe’s bond hearing began at 2:00 p.m. in Fulton County Superior Court. His attorneys are expected to ask that he be freed as his case progresses.

The hearing was held in room 8A inside the Fulton County Courthouse, with the public in room 1A.

Rolf is charged with 11 counts including felony murder.

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