The Lumineers Name the Artists They Most Want to Jam With

From Neil Young to Beethoven

The Lumineers may be accomplished musicians, but they still have dreams of jamming alongside their musical heroes and watching in awe. 

We caught up with Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites in Chicago, to ask them a simple question. Who is your Mount Rushmore of musicians you'd most love to jam with?

Their answers stretch back centuries, from Eddie Van Halen to Ludwig van Beethoven. Their responses may not be what you'd expect from the duo, but they are well-reasoned and allow the imagination to run wild at the possibilities.

The German classical composer was the first choice for Fraites. "It's kind of crazy to me that we've never heard people like him, and Bach, Mozart - we've never actually heard them play their own music that has become so iconic and classic," Jeremiah says of Beethoven.

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Schultz meanwhile goes straight to Neil Young, looking back on a show where he knew the "Harvest Moon" singer just by the tone of his guitar. "It'd be so cool to sit there and accompany any of the sounds that he was making."

They both agree that it would be awesome to play in the same roon with Eddie Van Halen. "Just make a french press and listen to him shred," laughs Fraites.

For more of the choices from The Lumineers, check out the full clip above.

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