Publix Will Require Masks At All Locations Starting July 21

By , FM 101.9

Following the advice of health officials, Publix announced that they will begin requiring masks or face coverings to be worn at all of their locations, beginning Tuesday, July 21.

According to the press release, all Publix locations will have signs posted saying shoppers must wear masks. Stores will also have in-store announcements made regularly reminding shoppers to wear masks and stay 6 feet away from others. They also have one-way aisles to reduce passing other customers. Additionally, managers are able to limit how many shoppers enter at a time.

The chain advises anyone who cannot wear a mask to consider curbside pick-up or delivery options.

“With the number of coronavirus cases continuing to grow and current CDC guidance indicating face coverings can help slow the spread of COVID-19, we believe requiring face coverings in our stores is another way we can do our part to help protect our communities,” spokeswoman Maria Brous said, per the Orlando Sentinel.

Publix joins a growing list of stores and businesses that are mandating face masks including Target, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Best Buy, Starbucks, Costco, Panera Bread, CVS, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.

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