'If I Get Corona, I Get Corona': Spring Breakers React to Shutdown in Miami

The party can wait.

Florida has been in the news a lot recently, unfortunately. With many massive destinations for tourism in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there's a spotlight on the Sunshine State. Especially as entire countries, US states and cities start to shut down completely. Music festivals. Concerts. Bars. Clubs. Everything is shutting down.

You might think that would highlight some of the dangers, concerns and necessary steps that all of us have to take in getting through this.

Instead, we get this.

Spring breakers in Miami upset about bars and beaches closing, and vowing to keep the party going, no matter what.

The partygoers' reactions come after a White House health official has issued a warning that millennials may face a bigger threat to contracting coronavirus than had been previously reported.

“There are concerning reports coming out of France and Italy about some young people getting seriously ill, and very seriously ill, in the ICU,” coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx said during a White House press briefing.

“So again, I’m going to call on that generation … not only calling on you to heed what’s in the guidance, but to really ensure that each and every one of you are protecting each other. We cannot have these large gatherings that continue to occur throughout the country for people who are off work to then be socializing in large groups and spreading the virus.”

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