EXCLUSIVE: AJR Play The Name Game

Brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met dish out superlatives for each other

Ever wondered what the musicians from your favorite bands were like in high school? We may not be able to tell you which members of pop-alt band AJR—AKA AdamJack, and Ryan Met—received “Best Dressed” or “Class Clown” senior superlatives, but we can tell you which superlatives they’d dish out for each other now.

From biggest gossip to messiest—and even “messiest body”—these superlatives are highly entertaining and very telling. In our exclusive clip below, find out who got into the most trouble and more!

Want more AJR? The guys are playing a few festivals this summer and will head across the pond for select dates before kicking off The Click Tour Part 2 this fall. And, when in doubt, check out 2017’s The Click.