WATCH: Can We Get a Slow Clap for This John Bonham Solo?

The Led Zeppelin drummer steals the show!
Photo credit Evening Standard / Stringer - GettyImages

When it comes to drumming, does it really get any better than John Bonham? The guy was a musical mastermind, and we’d venture to say his style influenced just about every drummer (or at least close to it) who followed.

One of the biggest names in rock today, Foo FightersDave Grohl, once told Rolling Stone that not only did he spend literally years in his bedroom listening to Bonham, trying to imitate that kind of intensity, but he also turned his body into a sort of Bonham tribute with the amount of tattoos he has in honor of the late drummer.

Today would’ve been the Led Zeppelin drummer’s 70th birthday, and to honor him, we’ve got one video that sums up his incomparable talent in about 15 minutes. Behold: “Moby Dick.”

Happy birthday, Bonzo!