WATCH: This Is How You Spin A Record To Pieces

Watch some vinyl disintegrate before your eyes!
Photo credit Dreamstime

It could be the aesthetics of records and turntables that make vinyl so appealing. It could be the sound of analog recordings. Whatever the reason, vinyl tends to be the listening method of choice for many audiophiles out there. Luckily for them, there appears to be a resurgence of vinyl, as evident by the growing popularity of Record Store Day, and we certainly don’t hate it.

In celebration of our own love of vinyl, we’re going to show you how to spin a record to pieces using a Dyson motor.

Okay, spinning a record so fast it disintegrates before your eyes isn’t exactly the most loving way to treat your record collection—sacrilege, even—but it is pretty cool to watch it go down in slow motion. Whether you’re a fan of vinyl or not, we think you’re going to like this video.