WATCH: Jack White and Stephen Colbert Sing the Full Versions of Classic Jingles

See White's incredible "Ice Station Zebra" performance as well!

You’ve heard of Toys"R"Us, but have you heard of Toys"R"Us hell? Do you know what percentage of the world drinks instant coffee? And obviously, the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup, but what’s the second best part?

When Jack White visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Friday, May 4, all of these questions were answered. And then he performed “Ice Station Zebra” off the Bagel Bites-inspired album, Boarding House Reach.

Want to hear Jack explain his creative process, especially as it pertains to songs like “Ice Station Zebra” and the rest of his just-released album? Find out in our exclusive interview with the rocker below.