EXCLUSIVE: Chance The Rapper on Hating Broccoli and Supporting His Wife

The artist joins us at the Life Is Beautiful Pool Party Series

A new album, a new marriage, and a new baby girl has made 2019 a busy year for Chance The Rapper. How does he manage it all?

“It’s hard to, I just try to,” Chance told RADIO.COM and 97.1 AMP Radio at the Life Is Beautiful Pool Party Series this weekend. “It’s mostly my wife. Mostly my wife takes care of my family, my girls.”

“She’s the brains of the whole operation.”

The GRAMMY winner got married in March, and released his debut album in July. The Big Day is a celebration of love and life with his marriage at the center of it all, coming together just days after exchanging vows. “I started working on it March 15, a few days after my wedding. It was a super cool process, got a lot of cool people to come to Chicago. Made some memories,” he explains, remembering that work on the title track began with Kanye West even before that. “I think that is the oldest song. I started on the song before my wedding day though. I started working on that song with Ye in like August of 2018. Like a month after I got engaged.”

In addition to being packed with love, The Big Day is packed with features. From Megan Thee Stallion to Death Cab For Cutie, Chance reached deep into the rolodex for his debut, all connected by an important thread. “The theme of the album was nostalgia, and fond memories, and dance,” he smiles. “So I just reached out to people that gave me that feeling, people like En Vogue, and Meg Thee Stallion, and DaBaby, and Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, my brother Taylor. Those kind of people were heavy influences on me so I hit em up and they came out to the city, spent some time, and made great music.”

Features came about a few different ways for The Big Day, most notoriously from Megan Thee Stallion. The “Hot Girl Summer” star hung out with Chance in Chicago after a tour stop, promising to deliver a verse for the album. Despite his doubts on the timeline, Meg came through. Because of her victory, Chance was forced to eat his words, and eat broccoli.

“A few days later she sent me the verse, but she didn’t want to send it to me until I conquered this dare that she had given me,” says Chance. “She wanted me to eat broccoli. Which I’m not really down with like that.” As someone in the crowd shouts, “f*** broccoli,” Chance joins in and starts his own “f*** broccoli” chant. “That’s how I feel,” he exclaims with vindication.

“But I did it, for the verse, for the love.”

After the big release of The Big Day, a big tour was set to follow. However, with a new baby at home, Chance readjusted his priorities and pushed the shows back to 2020. “It was coming in waves,” he says of the decision. “I think it was something that weighed down more and more, the more pregnant my wife got. I think after having the baby, just getting a real good flashback of what it was like when my first daughter was born. Just how tough it is and how little sleep you get, and just how worrisome it can be. I just got a double dosage of it once I seen both of them and I just realized I couldn’t leave my wife at home with both of them at that time.”

The pause is temporary for Chance, who is already anxious to get back on the stage next year. “I’m just excited to play shows. I’m just a great live performer,” he laughs. “And I have a lot of fun on stage, so I’m excited to just get back out there and give the fans a good show. Every night.”

To hear more from Chance The Rapper on his upcoming Netflix show and the making of The Big Day, check out the full interview above.