9-Year-Old Complains to MLB Over Softball Taunts in Arcade Game


A nine-year-old girl is calling, “you’re out” to a MLB arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese. That’s after it threw out this taunt, “Hey...there's always softball!"

Marie Marcum didn’t find the jab funny at all, because she has been playing the sport since she was four-years-old. "I was really mad… It made me feel like they think softball is a bad sport and girls shouldn't play softball,” the Chicago girl said in interviews.

So her family suggested she write to Major League Baseball explaining how upset she was by the game's disparaging remarks.

They responded to Marie’s letter saying, "MLB does not support the message conveyed in the game and we are reaching out to the company to share our concerns about it."

And the game manufacturer, Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, says they will remove the offensive audio clip by request.

Chuck E. Cheese says they have also asked the company to do that. And until it has, they will mute the track on the game. The store added, "We're thankful to Marie for bringing this to our attention and agree -- play and sports are for everyone."