‘Corduroy’ Bear Turns 50 With New Museum Exhibit


By Jonathan Lehman/Meredith Ganzman

“Corduroy” is moving from the maze of the department store to the halls of the museum. 

The classic children’s-book character -- an adorable teddy bear in green overalls who gets lost in a department store looking for his missing button -- and creator Don Freeman are being celebrated in a new exhibit that marks Corduroy’s 50-year anniversary.

“A City for Corduroy: Don Freeman’s New York” at the Museum of the City of New York features Freeman’s work for “Corduroy,” a reference point for decades of young readers, in a way that makes it accessible to the current generation of kids. 

The collection also explores Freeman’s career drawing scenes of New York City and backstage at Broadway shows, as well as his other children's books. 

You can learn more about Freeman at the Museum of the City of New York through June.

And, OK, a spoiler if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading “Corduroy”: In the end, he finds a friend and gets a new button, too.