Dr. Mehmet Oz Prefers To Give Out Healthy Chocolate On Halloween


Television's Dr. Mehmet Oz isn't here to be a buzzkill on Halloween, so you should know trick-or-treating at Dr. Oz’s door surprisingly won't get you a bag full of apples.

"I pick candies that I think are healthier for you," Dr. Oz told Radio.com today during his visit to the New York City studios. 

"So, for example, 70 percent or greater cocoa, real chocolate, dark chocolate… but milk chocolate really isn’t chocolate. It’s coloring. It’s milk fat. It’s a bunch of other things that you don’t want to put in your body."

But Doc... It's SO delicious!

"It’s soft and gooey but you don’t want to eat too much of it. If you eat the dark stuff, you can eat as much as you want -- within reason. We have all kinds of dark chocolates."

He's right (he IS a doctor after all)! The treat is actually filled with helpful antioxidants and makes for a very smart snack on a day filled with all sorts of silliness.

Happy trick-or-treating -- may your pumpkins overfloweth!