How Michelle Williams Battles Depression While Starring On Broadway


By Meredith Ganzman

"There are parts of me that need healing," says Michelle Williams, who skyrocketed to fame with Destiny’s Child. The Grammy Award-winning recording artist lives with depression. But that’s not stopping her from starring in her third role on Broadway- this time in “Once On This Island.” 

Michelle tells RADIO.COM how the musical helps her mental health.

"Theatre works for me because I’m stable. Every night I know what time I’m going to the theater. Every night I know what time I’m going home. I need that. I love love touring...but I do love a season of stability."

She hopes to be an example for people with depression. "...I've been so open and transparent so no one thinks they have to have it all together, that everything in their life has to be going 'right,' in order for them to be successful."

For Michelle that still means putting in the work every day. "I hate working out, but to have great mental health I have to work out. I don't like it. But I was told in 'Once On This Island' it’s going to help my core because of all the sand…"

Michelle will be taking on the character of “Erzulie.” The role of the goddess of love pulls on her heartstrings, as she is recently engaged herself. 

"Every role that I play always speaks to where I am in that particular time in my life… This show definitely affirms life. It affirms love, and that's what every single person in this world needs every single day."

You can see Michelle Williams in the Tony Award-winning revival of “Once on the Island” at the Circle in the Square Theatre.