NYPD Officer Rescues Tourist Family’s Trip To See ‘Hamilton’


By: Jonathan Lehman/Meredith Ganzman

Tourists did not miss their shot to see “Hamilton” on Broadway, thanks to the NYPD.

A family from Ireland had tried for four days to see the smash-hit musical, but when mom Geraldine finally reached the front of the line, she found she was $20 short to pay for the tickets. 

Geraldine “ran for help,” according to NYPD’s social media posts, and encountered her new “right hand man”: Ricardo Dicandia, an officer in the department’s Times Square Unit. Dicandia pulled a $20 bill out of his pocket. Crisis averted.

Geraldine followed up with a thank-you note addressed to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office for the good deed that saved part of the family vacation.

“We were totally overjoyed and beyond grateful when he opened his wallet and just handed us $20,” the letter read. “My eldest daughter was crying when she was speaking to him. It was without doubt the best night that would not have been possible without Officer Dicandia’s generosity and kindness.”