Watch Man Ask Girlfriend To Marry Him With Elaborate ‘Titanic’ Themed Proposal


By Meredith Ganzman
These lovebirds will never let go after this proposal. A Texas groom-to-be got down on one knee at a Titanic museum in Tennessee.

Jeremy Brown ask his girlfriend Mori Madrid to marry him in an elaborate set up inspired by the 1997 movie, which is one of Mori’s favorites. 

Jeremy went all out, matching his tuxedo to Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack. He even got Mori a replica of the “Heart of The Ocean” necklace. But it all went down at the top of a grand staircase just like the movie’s set. And of course she said yes!

The couple capped off their night with a candlelit steak dinner and limo ride through the town, proving some romantic gestures really do go on and on.