Vodka Pops and How to Sleep at Work: Each State's Most Interesting Quarantine Google Search

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Most of us have been stuck at home these past six months due to the quarantine, and as such, have had plenty of time to scour the internet. recently put together a map of each state's most interesting Google searches this quarantine, and some of the results are surprising, to say the least.

In the list of what we would call hobbies, they want to learn to "Cross-stitch" in Kansas, "DIY patio" in New Hampshire, "Build a chicken coop" in Maine, and have a "Virtual book club" in Massachusetts.

Some of the foods states are searching for are "Chicken nuggets" in Oklahoma,  "Little Debbie cakes" in Arkansas, "Banana bread" in Hawaii, and "Hot wings" in Wyoming.

And then we have Missouri.  Missouri's top Google search this quarantine?  "Meth recipe."

In Texas, we're "having trouble sleeping," while California is obsessing over "Cool Zoom backgrounds," and  Floridians are trying to figure out "How to sleep at work." Meanwhile, South Dakota is trying to figure out "How to move to Canada."

Alabama- BBQ
Alaska- Pizza Delivery
Arizona- Staycation
Arkansas- Little Debbie Cakes
California- Cool Zoom Backgrounds
Colorado- How To Stop Drinking
Connecticut- Dog Adoption
Delaware- Hammock
Florida- How to sleep at work
Georgia- Chicfila
Hawaii- Banana bread
Idaho- Delete Facebook
Illinois- Mcdonalds Value Menu
Indiana- How to become a youtuber
Iowa- Stock Tank Pools
Kansas- CrossStitch
Kentucky- Vaping Pen
Louisiana- How Often Should You Wash Your Hair
Maine- Build a chicken coop
Maryland- Smoothie
Massachusetts- Virtual Book Club
Michigan- Making Cannabutter
Minnesota- Boxed Wine
Mississippi- Vodka Pops
Missouri- Meth recipe
Montana- Webcam
Nebraska- Mikes Hard Lemonade
Nevada- Going Vegan
New Hampshire- DIY patio
New Jersey- virtual interview
New Mexico- Day Drinking
New York- Quarantine 15
North Carolina- How to get a cruise refund
North Dakota- 365 days
Ohio- How To Dye Your Hair Blonde At Home
Oklahoma- Chicken Nuggets
Oregon- Library Cards
Pennsylvania- Why Are My Plants Dying
Rhode Island- Chinese delivery
South Carolina- Frose
South Dakota- How to move to Canada
Tennessee- Cracker Barrel Alcohol
Texas- Having Trouble Sleeping
Utah- Dr Pepper Shortage
Vermont- Sourdough Starter
Virginia- Grilled Cheese
Washington- How to roll sushi
West Virginia- Quit Smoking
Wisconsin- Bloody Mary
Wyoming- Hot Wings


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