KFC Suspends ‘Finger Lickin Good’ Slogan Due to Coronavirus

By , 98.7 KLUV

It's the end of an era for popular chain KFC.

Well, it's a short end to an era.

KFC has announced they are, for the time being, suspending their "Finger lickin' good" slogan due to the ongoing coronavirus, reported CNN.

The company "doesn't feel quite right" about advocating licking your fingers after multiple health officials have recommended stopping touching your face and mouth to prevent the spread of the virus.

KFC wants it to be clear that the company has no intention of altering the menu in any form or fashion. Catherine Tan-Gillespie, global chief marketing officer at KFC, said in a statement, "We find ourselves in a unique situation — having an iconic slogan that doesn't quite fit in the current environment."

She reiterated the menu isn't changing, and that the slogan will return when the "time is right."

In March, it was announced that the company would temporarily suspend the slogan.

The company notes that although the slogan has been a part of the company since 1956, promoting "finger lickin' good," might not be the best option it when trying to preserve the safety and health of their customers around the world.

The Centers for Disease Control says the best way to prevent from contracting the coronavirus is by practicing good hygiene, including washing your hands often for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if soap is not readily available.

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