When's the Viewing? Funeral Home Hosts 'Sleepless in Seattle' Movie Night for Valentine's Day

Funeral Home, Casket, Coffin, Funeral, Couple Holding Hands
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Nothing makes you feel alive quite like movie night.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which means we're down to the wire for planning the perfect day.

But in case you really don't have anything going on for the holiday, you can make your way down to Tharp-Sontheimer Funeral Home in Metairie, Louisiana.

The funeral home will be hosting their first-ever romantic Valentine's Day movie night on Thursday night.

In a flyer posted to their Facebook page this past Monday, the funeral home advertised a Valentine's Movie Night.

The firm will be screening Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's 1993 classic "Sleepless in Seattle," according to funeral home director Yami Reina.

While the movie will be screened in the parking lot, the main building will be open for guests to use the bathroom and kitchen, or take a tour of the caskets on display.