Academy Awards' In Memoriam Segment Leaves Out Luke Perry, Some Fans Aren't Happy


Last night, Billie Eilish took the stage at the 92nd Academy Awards for the in memoriam tribute to all that have passed in the last year.

While many stars were given their proper tributes, including Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas, one name was noticeably absent from the segment - Luke Perry.

Some fans were quick to point out the absence and were even quicker to bring up that Perry appeared in one of the films nominated for Best Picture, considering his role in the film "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood."

"Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" marked the final role of Perry's life, and was released posthumously following his death on March 4, 2019. He passed away from a massive stroke. He was just 52 years old.

The Academy has not yet responded with a comment. On their website, however, the Academy had a larger list of in memoriam photos of those who were not mentioned on the broadcast. Perry is listed there.

Via PopCulture