Man Arrested After Repeatedly Going Through Taco Bell Drive-Thru Naked

By , 98.7 KLUV

A 61-year-old in Oklahoma City was really craving some late-night Taco Bell.

Christopher Sale was recently arrested by Oklahoma City police after going through a Taco Bell drive-thru. While there's nothing illegal about going through the drive-thru, things got a little troublesome when employees noticed he was completely naked while doing so, according to OKC FOX.

Sale initially ordered his food from the Taco Bell in the 1000 block of S. Meridian, and was all set to pay for his meal when he asked the employee for an additional taco. He got his taco, but stayed in the line and asked for more sauce. He then asked for more napkins, still not leaving the drive-thru. He eventually would leave the premises, but almost immediately returned to ask for more sauce. This is when employees finally grew uncomfortable enough to alert the authorities.

When police finally detained Sale, he told them that he was hungry and that all of his clothes were in the washer. He also stated that he "didn't know it was against the law to drive naked."

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