Married couple stages 'empty nester' photo shoot after youngest kid moves out

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After 34 years of marriage, Juan and Dalila Lopez are celebrating a very momentous occasion in their relationship.

The last of their four kids finally moved out of their Pharr, Texas house!

To celebrate, the parents hired a photographer to conduct an "empty nesters" photo shoot, per Yahoo.

In one photo, Juan held up a silver balloon in the shape of a zero as she held up a board that read: "Expecting 0 kids August 2020."

Juan and Dalila's four children live between two and eight hours away from them.

The couple has big plans to visit them all, along with their seven grandchildren.

Delila told Insider: "Our dream is to RV our way to our children and spoil our grandchildren, visit national sites, and ride our Harley Davidson down the hills of Texas and meet other 'empty nesters' like us."

For now, the couple plans on reclaiming their house. "Our house is going to represent us now. We love having the freedom to do this," she said.

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