Video Goes Viral After Texas Mom Falls Through Roof During Daughter's Virtual Audition

Hole, Ceiling, Roof, Gypsum Board
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Liz San Millan, a freshman student at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, was recording herself as she practiced a song for an upcoming audition.

In the middle of her performance, however, she was interrupted by her mother, who accidentally came crashing through the ceiling!

Apparently, she tripped and lost her footing while looking for luggage in the attic.

Liz told "Good Morning America" that "there was a loud noise … I turn around and all of a sudden, my mom’s leg is through the ceiling. My dad said, ‘Did you just fall through the ceiling?’ and my mom said, ‘You’re not going to ask if I’m OK?’ She was a little sassy about it, actually."

Luckily, everyone is ok following the accident.  

Liz said, "She was shocked at first, which is why she didn’t make any noise or move around, but she is completely fine! Not even a scratch. We laughed for like 30 minutes straight,” she told ”GMA.”

“She was not against posting it, and thought it was hilarious," she added.

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