Ten Movies You Need to Watch in Order to Be More Successful

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We're all doing our best to get ahead in life and sometimes, it takes a little outside inspiration.

That's where Hollywood comes in!

We have a list of ten movies that you should watch that will lead to more success!

The list comes courtesy of Lifehack, which states: "Sometimes a movie could be our motivational bridge to the success we truly desire."

So here are those ten movies you need to watch along with the lessons that can be learned from each one!

Fight Club - Materialism and Emotional Detachment

This movie will teach about "freeing yourself from the shackles of modern life"  by being willing to give and receive pain and risk death.

Pumping Iron - Self-Belief and Assertion

Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his "mindset, attitude, and personal beliefs," leaving you inspired!

The Secret - Positive Attitude

PMA: Postive Mental Attitude!

The Social Network - Entitlement

You deserve success!

Yes Man - Opportunity

What opportunities have you missed by saying "no?"

Limitless - Getting Things Done

Take action with your life!  Produce results, don't wait for them!

The Wolf of Wall Street - Drive and Prosperity

Take account of your work and aim for the finer things!

The Words - Own Your Work

However, do the best with what you have!

The Pursuit of Happyness - Never Giving Up

Never give up on yourself!  Don't allow anything to destroy your dreams!

Good Will Hunting - Competence

You have a talent, and you are WORTHY of success!

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