Top Signs You're a Bad Driver Include Speeding, Not Using Your Turn Signal, and Tailgating

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Before the world was put on hold due to the pandemic, one of the most stressful parts of the day was the commute, which included traffic and bad drivers.

A new survey by SWNS Digital set out to determine what makes a bad driver bad by listing the top qualities.

1. Excessive speeding

2. Cutting people off

3. Tailgating

4. Constant road rage

5. Using your horn too much

6. Not using turn signals

7. Driving with one hand on the wheel

8. Talking too much while you drive either to passengers or on the phone

9. Leaving your high beams on when you don't need them

Not only do these habits make you a bad driver, but they can also affect your life! 56% of drivers would not date someone they thought was an unsafe driver, according to the study.

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