Woman Recreates Airport Experience Inside Home After Vacation Plans Get Canceled

By , 98.7 KLUV

Dana Jondahl wasn't going to let something like the Coronavirus get in the way of her birthday plans.

Jondahl had planned on traveling abroad to celebrate her 34th birthday, but of course the ongoing pandemic put an end to that plan.  Rather than dwell however, Jondahl recreated the entire airport experience, from checking in to the TSA to escalators and the lounge, all insider of her own home.

Jondahl recreated all the props in the video, and fashioned all the costumes from clothes she already owned.  She even studied the correct movements and signals for marshallers online.  She said, "My friends always laugh at me because I always go above and beyond."  

Although her birthday plans were changed, Jondahl said she's been touched by how many people could relate to the video, and missing travel. "It never crossed my mind that so many people were obsessed with traveling like I am.  It just makes me happy that other people are enjoying it," she said.

Via Insider

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